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Resonance: Exploring Sexual Violence Through Music

Sexual violence is a prevalent issue in our society. As a society, we have come a long way in accepting that reality. We now often hear about tips for staying safe and ways to prevent sexual violence because it is an issue at the forefront of society’s mind. However, we don’t often discuss people’s experiences of sexual violence. We, as a society, as supporters, as survivors, as human beings, should be open to gaining a greater understanding of other’s experiences of sexual violence. Understanding people’s experiences can give us the ability to empathize with survivors, and help us grow in our role as supporters of survivors of sexual violence. It may not be possible to ever truly understand how sexual violence impacts someone, but we could all certainly stand to learn more.   Music is a medium that can convey powerful messages. Many people engage with music because it makes them happy, or because they resonate with it, or because it allows them to feel that they are not alon

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